Great steel creations, wirling waves, fire and electricity, colorful lightshows and ingenius constructions. Hermanders creates it! His objects catch your eye and stay in your memory.

Rik graduated at the School of Arts Utrecht (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten – HKU) in 2012. He followed the course for product design, after which he started his own company. Hermanders is a creative company, specialised in design and creation of art and decorative objects for events and festivals but also for homely interiors, businesses and the catering industry.

Rik set himself the goal to continiously search for a challenge and surpass himself. He wants people to be surprised, hold still at his work, think and be inspired.

Think of a gigantic iron knight guarding a fire, a tunnel with endless colored lights, a tubed tornado and shockingly interactive installations. Creative artist rik hermans designs  industrial objects of steel in combination with wood, fire or water, lights and electricity. Whatever unique piece of work you want, hermanders creates it! Think of the podium of a festival, brand activations, creative objects which capture and enhance the mood of your event or room perfectly. Rik loves to design big installations, massive constructions like shelters and fire places or funiture and lamps of unique, re-used materials.

Highlights worked out in detail!

He has the leaders of the event industry as his clients –  think of ID&T and Q-Dance, Into the Woods and Wildenburg, Mysteryland and Solar, Young Art Festival and countless others. Rik Hermans has been building himself a nice way to the top of the decorative world. His creativity knows no boundaries and he can create everything, tailor-made and by custom design.

Do you feel like renting one of his excisting installations?  Or do you want to have something made especially for you? Contact Rik and discuss the endless posibilities.